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by Suzanne Morgan Williams


Mexican Chocolate, A Drink for Gods

Math Activities

Chocolate comes from Middle America. Traditionally it was very important. It was used for special occasions as a drink or in mole sauce. Chocolate was so valuable, cacao beans were sometimes used as money. See Student Chocolate sheet.


Using fractions in everyday life:

Give students this recipe for Mexican Chocolate:

Ask students to double, triple, and 10 times the recipe.


Converting cups, quarts, gallons, etc.:

How much milk will they need in quarts, gallons for each?

If the recipe makes 2 servings, how much milk and chocolate will they need to serve the class.

(You can do the same for sugar skull recipes, pan muertos etc.)


When you have a recipe to serve the whole class, prepare the chocolate:

Heat the milk until steaming, but not boiling. Add the chocolate. Use the whisk to beat the chocolate into the milk. The milk should foam. If the milk is too cool, the chocolate doesn’t dissolve easily. If it is too hot, it will boil. Serve and ¡disfruten!


Here is a traditional Mexican chant for beating the chocolate:

Uno dos tres cho (choe) One two three cho
Uno dos tres co (coe) One two three co
Uno dos tres la (lah) One two three la
Uno dos tres te (tay) One two three te
Chocolate, chocolate (Choe-coe-lah-tay) Chocolate, chocolate
Bate, bate el chocolate (Bah-tay) Beat, beat the chocolate



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