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Ojibewe Indians CoverFrom Heinemann Library Native Americans:

These carefully developed titles paint a realistic picture of life during the time when each Native American culture flourished, including details about daily routines, family life, spiritual practices, housing, and natural environment. Each book was developed with the help of leaders and members of tribes and nations and concludes with a discussion of how these cultures continue to flourish today.

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One of the joys of writing this book was “meeting”, by phone and e-mail, the expert readers from the Ojibwe tribe who helped in its development. I was able to visit the Seine River Reserve in Canada in May, 2005, thanks to a grant from Nevada Arts Council and the hospitality of Lorraine Whitecrow and Doris Willey.

Although the book cover shows a 19th century couple, Ojibwe (Chippewa) people continue to live in the United States and Canada. These photos are from my trip to the Seine River reserve in 2005.

Lorraine Whitecrow in the new
roundhouse at Seine River.
Lorraine Whitecrow
Ojibewe Country
On the road to the reserve.
A beaver dam near Fort Frances, Ontario
.Beaver Dam
Ojibewe Canoe This Ojibwe canoe is on display at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Bayfield, Wisconsin.