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Made In China CoverExplore ancient China’s scientific discoveries and technology in this lively account of people, ideas and social change. Inside you will find out how the Chinese:

Drilled wells for natural gas to light their streets

Made jackets, hats, and shoes from paper

Raised insects for silk to produce cloth

Created compasses to find the best placement for buildings and graves

 Cured diseases with acupuncture needles

 Guarded the crossbow as a top-level military secret

 Invented rudders and moveable sails so their ships could sail into the wind. (and more. . .)

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Reviews and Comments

A gift to the World!, A fantastic book that shows the contributions which the Chinese over centuries have given to the world. Highly recommended! Its illustrations are culturally relevant and sensitive! Rennie Mau President, MPEC Multicultural Publishing and Education Council

From Asian American Books for Children; "Suzanne Williams helps young readers better understand the mind set that discovery necessitates. From the special Chinese method of casting bronze, the improvement of irrigation systems, the standardization of roads, measurements and writing, to astronomical research on comets and eclipses, Williams places Chinese scientific ideas and discovery within the political, social, religious, and cultural context of the times."

From Program in Social Studies and Global Education The Ohio State University: The book explores ancient China's scientific discoveries and technology in this lively account of people, ideas, and social change from 1600 B.C. to the present. If students have any stereotypes of Chinese as backward, this will break them. Recommended for middle school/high school. Review from Chinese Tapes on-line catalog

"A concise history of Chinese thought and creativity, covering not only scientific ideas and inventions, but religion and philosophy, government, trade, farming, and more. This book is intriguing, as much fun to browse as it is to sink into for research."------Kirkus Reviews

 "A terrific resource for educators or parents. Highly recommended for both the young and older curious reader."------AsianWeek

 "A highly recommended selection choice for all school and community libraries." ------Children's Book Watch, The Midwest Book Review

 "This book is both attractive and intriguing. It should be in the core collection of every elementary school library." ------Multicultural Review

Made in China provides . . . lively illustrations and photographs, and tons of little facts. It focuses on some pretty tough topics, but manages to whittle them down into easily digestible pieces. It addresses the whos, whats, whens and wheres of Chinese history. But more importantly, it also looks at the whys and hows." ------Oakland Tribune