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About Suzanne


The Inuit CoverThe Inuit takes readers to the arctic, where people have learned, over thousands of years, how to live with the land. You will discover how Inuit navigate using ripples in the snow, how to know if a seal is in its hole, how to tell if kamiit (traditional boots) are designed for a man or a woman. You will learn about iglus and caribou. But mostly, you will learn about resilient, warm people—how the Inuit have adjusted and adapted to Southern (Canadian and US) culture, while striving to honor and maintain their own cultural heritage. This book is part of a series on Native People from Franklin Watts.

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Reviews and Comments

From Canadian Review of Materials, “Williams compares life in the Arctic long ago to the present and describes the many changes, both positive and negative, to which the people have adapted as a result of European influence. Though the book is meant for young students, Williams, using simple explanations, gives an honest portrayal . . . The Inuit would make a worthwhile purchase for any elementary school library. Recommended.”

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Visiting Nunavut

Suzanne & Bev Hill on the Candian IceIn May, 2001 in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada. We are standing on several feet of sea ice that is still covering Hudson Bay. I’m on the right. Bev Hill, vice principle of Alaittuq School is on the left. Her students helped me research The Inuit.

Suzanne Ice Fishing


This is me and part of the Rankin Inlet gang, ice fishing in May, 2004.


Inuit DollsHelen Iguptak, who helped me with the Inuit book, makes handmade, beaded dolls. These dolls are wearing clothes that are traditional for Inuit of Central Canada.