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Suzanne gets rave reviews for her presentations and workshops. Let her help you get the same. A teacher turned writer and speaker, Suzanne has given hundreds of presentations across the U.S. and Canada to students ages pre-school through high school, adult writers, librarians, and teachers.

School Visit Consultations

Suzanne is available to help you design and polish your presentations so they can be your very best. She will work with you according to your needs.

She can help you with - 


  • Design your presentations for different audiences
  • Create workshops and curriculum content-oriented presentations
  • Tie your books to relevant curriculum to satisfy schools’ requirements that you support state standards
  • Produce lesson plans and handouts for teachers’ follow-up
  • Polish your performance skills
  • Learn tips to keep students on track and working with you
  • Reach out to schools, conferences, and community groups with proposals
  • Produce effective brochures, bios, and fliers
  • Price your presentations correctly and produce necessary paperwork
  • Find third party funding or other value for your work.
Basic consultation is $70 per hour but fees vary according to your needs.
Suzanne is also available to write lesson plans and identify curriculum standards for your book.

Contact Suzanne  by email or
(775) 849-9585


I’ve had the honor of being Suzanne Morgan Williams’ editor and publisher of her award-winning novel, BULL RIDER. Since that time I’ve consulted with Suzy about her writing and books-in-progress and over the years we’ve become close colleagues and good friends. Suzy’s a consummate professional and a caring mentor, quick to share her knowledge and provide priceless guidance to other writers. As a mentor and teacher, she infuses a direct, clear approach with humor and empathy—a combination that gives people confidence they’re learning from the best. 

Suzanne is a pro at the before, during and after of school visits. We have presented together many times. Suzanne's interaction with school contacts is enthusiastic, but businesslike, and it's a knack you'll want to learn. She has a good eye for tailoring written and spoken content to suit each grade level, and an instinct for how much time is enough (or too much) for all aspects of large group and in-class presentations.

Suzanne has the experience to guide other authors in creating and promoting their school visits. Suzanne helped me tremendously with my school visit presentations and book outreach. Her approach is to find a writer's unique point of view and use that to design school visit programs that are authentic as well as dynamic. I highly recommend working with this talented and creative coach.

I can't rave enough about how amazing this class was [on creating successful school visits, So You’re Not a Juggler] and how incredible Suzy is as a teacher.

Suzanne Morgan Williams spoke to our members about school visits. WOW! She went into tremendous depth and attendees were thrilled. . . .if you can snag her, do so!

13 out of 13 rated your Juggler presentation "Loved it!" That's one of our highest ranking speaker scores!

Suzanne Williams has been an integral part of my journey from new writer to published author. Her knowledge of the craft and of the industry makes her an invaluable source for both new and seasoned writers and I’ve been lucky enough to tap into her know-how and wisdom for more than a decade. I’m certain anyone who avails themselves of her services will not be disappointed. A gem of a resource and teacher!


One of the founders of SCBWI Nevada’s Mentorship Program and a former Regional Advisor for SCBWI Nevada, Suzanne has helped multiple writers with feedback on their full novel or nonfiction manuscripts. She continues to work as a mentor for SCBWI Nevada (see link here.)

Suzanne will offer manuscript feedback on an individual, paid basis to a few additional people. Contact her with your questions. 

Mentor Recommendations

Suzanne provided me with a wealth of information. detailed comments on specific elements and helped me to see the entire manuscript as a whole. In her friendly yet professional manner, she asked insightful questions about characters, plot, pacing, and voice. She inspired me to revise more than I would have thought possible.

I had the opportunity to work with Suzanne to polish up my middle-grade historical manuscript. She helped me to cut away so much unnecessary fat and get the manuscript ready to submit. Her comments were insightful, focused, always constructive, and encouraging. It was a great experience for me.

Suzy is big-hearted, and took the time to get to know me and my project. She didn’t just give important feedback, she taught me how to approach the revision with that feedback, giving me skills I could apply to every revision afterwards.

Suzy is a champion. Your champion. She will champion your work as a very thoughtful editor and, possibly even more important, she will champion your ambitions and dreams as a writer, connecting you to other writers, agents, and editors, and always, always listening when you need an ear and a fresh perspective.

Suzy can detect plot-holes and bad dialogue from a mile away. If something falls flat in your work, she'll find it. She is an incredible mentor and a gracious, kind, and generous human being. Working with her makes me a better writer and person.