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Here are a few of the messages I've received about my presentations.

You truly mesmerized our students and created great interest in your book … you were just wonderful and you had such a positive impact on the students.

My teachers and students raved about how interesting you were...we loved how you told the stories behind the stories...You captured their attention from the beginning.

An interesting, funny, talented person who communicates a real interest and caring about students and their reading and writing habits.

Suzanne completed an excellent book on Inuit culture. Due to our geographical location, we are not always so fortunate to receive writers like Suzanne who are not only willing to come into the community but to learn from its inhabitants as well.

Suzanne is not someone who merely gives what she is doing “lip service.” She has proven that she will come through for our students. A rather refreshing attitude!

Everyone really enjoyed the presentation . . . and your rapport with the children was great! . . . The workshop activities were interesting, educational and fun for our visitors—a good hands on scientific experience.

The students enjoyed your presentation and it was very motivating for us teachers as well. Thank you for making great literature so accessible to the kids!