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The Inuit



The Inuit takes readers to the arctic, where people have learned, over thousands of years, how to live with the land. You will discover how Inuit navigate using ripples in the snow, how to know if a seal is in its hole, how to tell if kamiit (traditional boots) are designed for a man or a woman. You will learn about iglus and caribou. But mostly, you will learn about resilient, warm people—how the Inuit have adjusted and adapted to Southern (Canadian and US) culture, while striving to honor and maintain their own cultural heritage. This book is part of a series on Native People from Franklin Watts.

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(ISBN: 0-531-12172-0)

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Visiting Nunavut

I visited Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada four times because of writing this book. Meeting the people of Rankin Inlet was one of the defining experiences of my life. I fell in love with the Arctic.