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Nevada is part of the Sea to Shining Sea, Second Series of State Books from Scholastic—Children’s Press. The back cover reads:

“Open up a volume to see the state come alive with its own special geography, history, government, economy, people, and culture. Full-color photographs, fantastic maps, and colorful text provide an exciting coast-to-coast guide.”

I was excited to write Nevada, since I live here. I took the opportunity to visit almost all the places mentioned in the book. I interviewed the lady who runs a café in tiny Rachael, Nevada. “Do you see UFOs?” I asked her. “Well, we see some strange things here,” she replied. I learned stories of old Nevada and toured Hoover Dam outside Las Vegas. I hiked up to the bristlecone pines at Great Basin National Park. And more. . . You’ll find the results here.

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(ISBN: 0-516-22488-3)

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