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Sierra Blue



Sierra Blue is a Young Adult novel (ages ten to fifteen) about a teen girl's journey to step into who she really is, leaving fear and embarrassment behind - for the sake of a horse and her friends. The summer before ninth grade Magic Kendall leaves home to work at her great-aunt’s horse ranch to escape being harassed since her secret got out – she sees animals’ auras. When she witnesses a horse trailer crash, she tries to use her gifts to heal an injured filly without revealing how she’s doing it to her new community. What will it take to save Sierra Blue, and what will Magic learn about friends, truth, and all kinds of “different” along the way?

Although Sierra Blue is fiction, the story is based on how some people see the world through experiences many of us don't comprehend. I hope this story of hope, acceptance, and friendship touches you and leaves you feeling uplifted and satisfied.

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A perfect tale for young horse lovers, brimming over with adventure and magic, found family and the mysterious power of healing.
- Rosanne Parry, author of A WOLF CALLED WANDER and

A bullied but determined young psychic named Magic and a beautiful damaged Thoroughbred filly come together to prove the power of second chances in Williams' engaging book, SIERRA BLUE.
 - Terri Farley, author of the PHANTOM STALLION SERIES

Watch Suzanne's interview on KOLO TV's Reading Reno.  Click below to start...

Podcast Interview about SIERRA BLUE, writing, and happiness

Suzanne was pleased to be interviewed on Sonya Kenkare's podcast, Common Happiness.  This is a 36 minute interview.  For highlights about writing and SIERRA BLUE, click the link and go to the sections below:  Sonya Kenkare's podcast, Common Happiness

    Introduction: 0:00 - 2:30 minutes
    Comments on SIERRA BLUE: 6:15 - 9:30 minutes
    Writing and Happiness: 19:50 - 25:05 minutes
    Advise to writers: 32:20 - 35:55 minutes

SIERRA BLUE is now available as an ebook and paperback at AMAZON and to order through your favorite bookstore. Give them ISBN 979-8-9890255-0-3  and tell them it's listed at INGRAM. Happy reading.

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