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Reader Comments


Bull Rider: We love this book! I have read and re-read it several times! It was inspiring! I especially loved the part where Cam decided to ride the bull for the first time. 

Bull Rider: Your book really helped me to understand TBI's and the impact they have on families. You see, my step-dad served in the U.S. Marine Corps. in Iraq and he came home with a TBI. 

Bull Rider, Hands down, Bull Rider is the best all around family read that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this year. Suzanne Morgan Williams has written what many young adult writers hope for, a story with such heart, depth, and honesty that every family member who can read (including grandparents) will take something from it.

Bull Rider: Hello, Ms. Suzanne Williams! I have read your book, "Bull Rider" and I absolutely loved it!

Bull Rider: I loved this book so much. My favorite part was all the crazy things his aunt did to make him feel better! 

BULL RIDER is not a soap opera, not a tear-jerker, not maudlin or self aggrandizing, but a realistic account of two young men struggling to understand the changes in their lives. It is a story told with enormous heart and the twist at the end will leave you breathless and smiling. 

Bull Rider: While my mother was in the hospital in Michigan I picked up a book from their
donated supply. I meant to have my son read it as he is both a skateboarder and a bull rider. But as I waited for
my mother’s test results I decided to check it out. I couldn’t put it down. This book is great. It has a heart that
must come straight from you. . . I will recommend it to many. I hope this book does well in sales but I am sure
it will do more for your spirit and those that read it as it has done for mine.

Bull Rider:  I’m reading your Book Bull Rider Right now and i love it already, and that’s a
good thing for you cause i hate reading and i saw bull rider on the book so i got it cause finals are next week and
i had to read about something to do with cowboys(: so thank you. 

Bull Rider: My 13 year old son who does not like to read books at all, loves your book! He only reads when he has to for school for book reports etc., but he has been reading Bull Rider because he wants to; I
am amazed! . . . It's the first time he's had book that he "can't put down.